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Impact Planning

Impact Planning

Understanding Impact Planning

Impact Planning is a comprehensive approach to doing more with a family’s wealth than just growing it and passing it to the next generation. It provides a roadmap to pass your passions and values from one generation to the next, while providing avenues for philanthropic endeavours. At FMB, we believe that Impact Planning starts with a shared value and weaves together all disciplines of wealth management to effectively translate that value to action. Our goal is to help you make decisions that fit into your overall wealth plan as well as enhance your impact.

Within Impact Planning, there are three aspects available for clients:


Investing for Impact

Focus on ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) investing, value driven investing, and aligning your investments with what you believe in


Planning for Impact

Developing a comprehensive plan around the tax and legal aspects of making an impact


Creating a Legacy for Impact

How do we think about passing on the passion for impact to the next generation?

If philanthropy is a legacy that you and your family want to leave behind, contact us to help you start making an impact.

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