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Giving Thanks and Making an Impact

As you gather around the table with loved ones on Thanksgiving and talk about what you are thankful for, do you sometimes wonder how you might share your abundance in the most impactful way?  Does your family have a charitable mission statement that allows members of all ages to participate in making donations to organizations that speak to your heart and values? Would you like your investment portfolio to be aligned with your views on important environmental and social issues?  

At FMB Wealth Management, we have developed an Impact Planning Program to help you address all of these questions and more.  We start by helping you determine what causes are most important to you and then work to develop a strategy that allows you to make the biggest impact in the most financially prudent way. It’s also a wonderful way to have meaningful conversations with your loved ones about the type of legacy you’d like to leave behind. 

While many of our clients make annual charitable donations and place a high value on helping others and the world around them, we have found that few have a well defined giving plan or know how to go about creating one.  Our Impact Planning Program provides a step by step process to guide you toward creating a true philanthropic vision and action plan.  We walk you through that process together with your CPA and estate planning attorney, so we can help you create the most tax efficient strategy that allows you to support the causes that matter most to you.  

However,  it’s not just all about giving money, it’s also about investing your money so that it supports the companies that are putting their resources toward the environmental or social issues that are important to you.  Our Sustainability Portfolios allow us to apply filters that identify companies with the lowest emissions, fair labor practices and largest resources devoted to green energy sources for example.  

Please reach out if any of these ideas resonate with you. We are very passionate about this area of our overall wealth management process and we’d love to tell you more.  

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!