Taking a comprehensive approach to achieving all of your financial dreams requires Wealth Management.  This means more than just taking care of your investments, it also means addressing your advanced planning needs.  Our Wealth Management formula addresses each of these areas of concern:

  • Investment Consulting – the astute management of investments over time to help achieve financial goals
  • Wealth Enhancement – aims to produce the best possible investment returns consistent with your level of risk tolerance and to minimize the tax impact on those returns.
  • Wealth Transfer - intends to find and facilitate the most tax-efficient way to pass assets to succeeding generations, and to do so in a way that meets your wishes.
  • Wealth Protection - is aimed at protecting your wealth against potential creditors, litigants, children’s spouses and potential ex-spouses.
  • Charitable Giving – helps fulfill your charitable goals. It is most effective when coordinated with the three services above.

As a Wealth Manager, FMB works with clients on a consultative basis. This allows us to uncover your true financial needs and goals, to craft a long-range wealth management plan that will meet those needs and goals and to build an ongoing relationship with you that ensures that your needs continue to be met as they change over time.

This consultative process usually unfolds over a series of meetings as illustrated below.

  • Discovery Meeting – we determine your current financial situation, where you want to go and the obstacles you face in achieving what is important to you.
  • Investment Plan Meeting – we present a complete diagnostic of your current financial situation and a plan for achieving your investment-related goals.
  • Mutual Commitment Meeting – if we both decide to work together, you officially become a client.
  • Initial Follow-up Meeting – we help you organize your new account paperwork and answer any questions that may have arisen.
  • Regular Progress Meetings – typically held quarterly, we report to you on the progress you are making toward achieving your goals and check in with you on any important changes in your life that might call for an adjustment to your investment plan.  In addition, at the first regular progress meeting, we present to you a Wealth Management Plan – a comprehensive blueprint for addressing your advanced planning needs that has been developed in coordination with a network of experts.

Click here for our Discovery Meeting preparation list

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